Trekkers Lodge opens turtle hatchery in Pulau Libaran

The turtle hatchery at Pulau Libaran started by Trekkers Lodge.

The turtle hatchery at Pulau Libaran started by Trekkers Lodge.

SANDAKAN: Realising how crucial it is to prevent turtles from becoming extinct, a company, Trekkers Lodge Sdn Bhd, has opened a turtle hatchery at PulaU Libaran, about 40 minutes by boat from here.

With that, Trekkers Lodge Sdn Bhd is the first private company to embark on such an initiative on the island.

Its managing director, Alexander Yee, said the project was carried out with the assistance of the Wildlife Department which trained him and 10 of his employees on running the hatchery.

He said the project had enabled him to carry out a turtle conservation programme which involved the participation of local residents and visitors.

“This has helped to instill awareness among them on the need to conserve turtles,” he said.

Yee said the hatchery was opened two years ago as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility and on the realisation that all quarters should play their role to help prevent turtles from becoming extinct.

He said the company was highly committed in ensuring the success of the hatchery and towards that end had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sabah Wildlife Department last July 2 in Tamparuli, Tuaran.

Pulau Libaran is a landing area for the endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles.