Najib blasts the opposition for blaming Lahad Datu crisis on them

KANGAR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has blasted the Opposition for accusing Umno and the Barisan Nasional Government to be involved in the Lahad Datu crisis.

The Prime Minister said the lives of two men were lost while defending the country and it was inhuman for the Opposition to belittle the fallen heroes’ sacrifices.

“Two women are now widows and children will grow up fatherless because Inspector Zulkifli Mamat and Kpl Sabaruddin Daud have died in the line of duty when protecting the sovereignty of the country and safety of the people.

“How can the Opposition ridicule their sacrifices and say that Umno was behind this drama. This is a blatant lie.

“Tell me who in their right mind will want to ‘act’ in this drama, knowing that their lives are at risk.

“The Opposition must stop politicising the issue. The people must not accept this kind of Opposition who have no respect for our heroes,” said the Najib when launching the state-level Jelajah Janji Di Tetapi (Promises Fulfilled) on Sunday.

PKR vice president Tian Chua in his tweet remarked that the death of two police commandos in a shootout with armed intruders in Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu on Friday was linked to a Government conspiracy.

Najib revealed that he and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor were overcome with emotions when they saw the coffins bearing the slain commandos when they were taken out from the airplane and again when they met with the widows and their children to offer condolences.

  • Eric

    Chicken Come Home to ROOST!!!

    I need to be careful about what I say as I am still a serving officer with the Royal Malaysian Police. In the 1970s, I was part of a 15-man specially selected unit attached loosely with the police force then but reporting to Mindef directly. The unit members were mostly Muslims but a few were non-Muslims who were recruited because of their expertise. They came from the army, navy, police field force and a few from elsewhere. Our primary role was to assist Moro separatists by providing them training especially on how to use guns, make home-made bombs, set up ambush, fighting tactics and to organise and operate as a cohesive unit. We did supply weapons, money and shelter for the fighters when things got too hot ‘there’. We used to go across in the night in six-man teams by boats for a two-month ‘tour’. My unit was headed by a senior civil servant whose name I am not at liberty to disclose save to say that he is now a comfortable Umno politician. I understood the operation to help these friends there have been ongoing since the 1970s. However, we were faced with several problems. Our friends, whose names I cannot disclose, were unprincipled and undisciplined, took advice when it suited them, and were certainly very happy to take money from us. There was genuine fear among us that this lot would be a liability to Malaysia. The whole operation was toned down when Hussein Onn became prime minister in 1976 but was later stepped up again only to be shut down completely in 1985. I am not aware of any further operations since then. I am not sure if the assistance was given, to distract attention from claims over Sabah and bog down the Philippines Armed Forces or to help our minority Muslim friends in an alien and Catholic state or whatever. The rationale behind the operation was a moot point for us in the unit.

    • Vinicely

      Wonderful disclosure Mr Eric, for this truly Chicken Come Home To Roost!!!
      Can Ah Jib Gore still blame the Opposition e.g DSAI or Jeff K. or gore at
      them like a mad bull.
      He’s trying to hide the truth & shift blame b’cos he cannot face the GE13
      at home here.

    • Yim013

      I call bull on this person. Your credentials are as solid as my cat’s morning bowel movement. a conspiratorial response to this article is just dramatizing your comments.

  • James Wong

    To all Malaysians, to resolve the Sabah crisis, we all must resolve our differences. The only solution is our identity.

    I have only one passport.
    How many passports do you have?
    Which one you are using?
    I am using the Malaysian passport.
    Unified we prevail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No matter When and Where, What and Who, we must have the same country and identity to survive and overcome crisis as One Malaysia.